Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
were impetuous and authoritative, which was probably the meaning of 
the epithet here given to him. The card of the king of diamonds repre- 
fents rather unequivocally the fubjeot indicated by its title, "Sir H. hIIild- 
may folicits a citizen's wife, for which his owne correifts him." It is 
an allufion to one of the petty fcandals of the republican period. The 
eight of hearts is a fatire on major-general Lambert. This able and diItin- 
guiihed man was remarkably fond of flowers, took great pleafure in 
cultivating them, and was ikilful in drawing them, which was one of his 
favourite amufements. He withdrew to Arnfterdam during the Protec- 
torate, and there gave full indulgence to this love of flowers, and I need 
hardly fay that it was the age of the great tulip mania in Holland. 
VVl1en, after the Reitoration, he was involved in the fate of the regicides, 
but had his fentence commuted for thirty years of imprifonrnent, he 
alleviated the dulnefs of his long confinement in the iile of Guernfey by 
the fame arnufement. In the card we have engraved, Lambert is repre- 
fented in his garden, holding a large tulip in his hand; and it is no doubt 
in allufion to this innocent talte that he is here entitled " Lambert, Knight 
of the Golden Tulip." 


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