Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
relating to the Rye Houfe confpiracy, one on the Miflilllppi fcheme, 
publilhed in Holland, and one on the South Sea bubble. 
The earliefc of thefe packs of fatirical cards, that on the Common- 
wealth, belonged a few years ago to a lady of the name of Preft, and is 
very fully defcribed in a paper by Mr. Pettigrew, printed in the " Journal 
of the Britifh Archaeological Afibciation." Each of the iifty-two cards 
prelents a pidture with a fatirical title. Thus the ace of diamonds repre- 
fents "The High Court of Jufiice, or Oliver's Slaughter Houfe," The 
eight of diamonds is reprefented in our cut No. 183 ; its fubjeet is " Don 
Hafelrigg, Knight of the Codled Braille." lt is hardly neceilary to fay 
that Sir Arthur Hafelrigg a6ted a very prominent and remarkable part 
during the whole of the Commonwealth period, and that his manner. 


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