Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

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one or two fubjecls of minor agitation. WVith the clofe of the Common- 
wealth a new form of caricature came in. Playing cards had, during this 
feventeenth century, been employed for various purpofes which were quite 
alien to their original charaeier. In France they were made the means 
of conveying infiruction to children. In England, at the time of which 
we are fpeaking, they were adopted as the medium for fpreading political 
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Coiled. grainy 
N6. I83, Arthur Hafelrigg. 
 caricature. The earlielt of thele packs of cards known is one which 
 appears to have been publilhed at the very moment of the reitoration of 
Charles II., and which was, perhaps, engraved in Holland. It contains 
a feries of caricatures on the principal acts of the Commonwealth, and 
on the parliamentary leaders. Among other cards of a fimilar character 
which have been preferved is a pack relating to the popifh plot, another 


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