Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

in Literature and Art. 
The pi6h1re has its feparate title, " The Scots holding their young 
nofe to the grinllone," followed by the liues-- 
Come ta Me grinjione, Cl'uI']ZS, "ri: nz-Pw to late 
T 0 rer0lzH, 'ti: prqfbiterian fate, 
Tau crrvinanr pretenders, mu]? I bee 
1 71: fubjel-Y qfyauer tradgie-comedic _9 
In fad, the pi6{ure reprefents Prefbyterianifm-Jack Prefbyter-holding 
the young king's nofe to the grindilone, which is turned by the Scots, 
perfonified as Jockey. The following lines are put into the mouths of the 
three adurs in this 1cene:- 
_7orkqy._I, Jockey, turne the stone of all your plots, 
For none turnes faster than the turne-coat Scots. 
Prefbyrer,-We for our ends did make thee king, be sure, 
Not to rule us, we will not that endure. 
King.-You deep dlssemhlers, I kow what you doe, 
And, for revenges sake, I will dissemble too. 
and flight from VVorcefte1 


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