Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

0f Caricature 
and Grotefque 
general feeling of refittance. Since 1643 a brifk war of political pam- 
phlets had been carried on between the Preibyterians and their opponents, 
when, in 1647, the Independents, whofe caufe had been efpoufed by the 
army, gained the mailery. " Sir John Prefbyter" or to ufe the more 
familiar phrafe, " Jack Preibyter," furnilhed a fubjerit for frequent fatire, 
and the Prcfbyterians were not flow in returning the blow. In the 
collection in the Britiih Mufeum we find a caricature which mull have 
come from the Prefbyterian party, entitled " Reall Perfecution, or the 
Foundation of a general Toleration, ditplaied and portrayed by a proper 
emblem, and adorned with the fame flowers wherewith the fcoffers of 
this laft age have flrowed their libellous pamphlets." The group which 
occupies the middle part of this broadfide, is copied in our cut No. :81. 
It has its feparate title, " The Picture of an Englifh Perfecutor, or a foole- 
ridden ante-Prefbeterian feftary." (I give the fpelling as in the original.) 
Folly is riding on the fectarian, whom he holds with a bridle, the fecitarian 
having the ears of an afs. The following homely rhymes are placed in 
the mouth of Folly,-- 
Belmuld my lmbir, like my -win, 
Equal]: lzi: on wlmm I fitt. 
Anti-Preibyterian is, as will be feen, dreH'ed in 
and fays-- 
height of the fafhion, 
My curjkdfpeecbe: again]! Przfberry 
Declares unto rlze world myfbalery. 
The mortitication of the Prefbyterians led in Scotland to the procla- 
mation of Charles II. as king, and to the ill-fated expedition which ended 
in the battle of Worcelter in I651, when fatirical pamphlets, ballads, and 
caricatures againlt the Scottifh Prelbyterians became for a while very 
popular. One of the belt of the latter is reprefented in our cut No. 182. 
Its object is to ridicule the conditions which the Preibyterians exacted 
from the young prince before they offered him the crown. It is printed 
in the middle of the broadfide, in profe, publifhed on the 14th of July, 
1651, with the general title, " Old Sayings and Predictions verified and 
fulfilled, touching the young King of Scotland and his gude I'ubje6ts." 


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