Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
and entitled " Heraclitus' Dream," for the fcene is fuppofed to be mani- 
fefted to the philofopher in a vihon. In the middle of the pidure the 
lheep are feen {hearing their fhepherd; while one cuts his hair, another 
treats his beard in the fame manner. Under the pi6ture we read the 
Tlzefacke tlmt -was -want to be fbarne by tile lzerd, 
Now pollelb 1112 jreplzerd infpiglzt zflzi: beafd. 
On the 19th of January, 1647, a caricature appeared under the title 
" An Embleme of the Times." On one tide War, reprefented as a giant 
in armour, is teen {landing upon a heap of dead and mutilated bodies, 
while Hypocrify, in the form of a woman with two faces, is flying towards 
a dittant city. " Libertines," " anti-fabbatarirms," and ot.hers, are batten- 
ing in the fame direcition; and the angel of peftilence, hovering over the 
city, is ready to pounce upon it. 
The party of the parliament was now triumphant, and the queltion of 
religion again became the fubjeet of difpute. The Preibyterians had 
been efrablifhing a fort of tyranny over men's minds, and fought to pro- 
fcribe all other feels, till their intolerance gradually raifed up a iirong and 


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