Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature and 
flomacke, and new taken pillage; who had rather eat than fight." It 
was publiihed in I642. The Englilh Irifh foldier is, as may be fuppofed, 
heavily laden with plunder. In I646 appeared another caricature, which 
is copied in our cut No. I80. It reprefents "England's Wolfe with 
Eagles clawes; the cruell impieties of bloud-thirity royalifls and blall 
phemous anti-parliamentarians, under the command of that inhumane 
prince Rupert, Digby, and the reft, wherein the barbarous crueltie of our 
civill uncivill war:-es is briefly difcovered." England's wolf, as will be 
feen, is drelTed in the high falhion of the gay courtiers of the time. 
A few large caricatures, embodying fatire of a more comprehenfive 
defcription, appeared from time to time, during this troubled age. Such 
is a large emblematical pieture, publifhed on the 9th of November, I642, 


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