Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
When the king led an army againft the Scottiih Covenanters in 1639, 
Suckling raifed a troop of a hundred horfe at his own expente; but they 
gained more reputation by their extraordinary drefs than by their courage, 
and the whole affair was made a fubjeet of ridicule. From this time the 
name of Suckling became identified with that gay and profligate clafs who, 
difgutted by the outward {how of fanctity which the Puritans affeeted, 
rulhed into the other extreme, and became notorious for their profanenefs, 
their libertinifm, and their indulgence in vice, which threw a certain 
degree of difcredit upon the royalift party. There is a large broadlide 
among the King's Pamphlets in the Britifh Mufeurn, entitled, " The 
Sucklington Faction; or (Sucklings) Roaring Boys." It is one of 
thofe fatirical compolitions which were then fafhionable under the title 
of" Chara6ters," and is illuitrated by an engraving, from which our cut 
N0. 179 is copied. This engraving, which from its fuperior ftyle is 
perhaps the work of a foreign artift, reprefents the interior of a chamber, 
in which two of the Roaring Boys are engaged in drinking and fmoking, 
and forms a curious picture of contemporary manners. Underneath the 
engraving we read the following lines  
Muclz meate dot]: glutrony produre, 
And makes a man a jwine ; 
Bu: bee '5 a temperate man indeed 
That with a leqfr tan dine. 
Hee rzeedes no napkinfbr bi: lmndex, 
Hixfngerxfl-r to wipe; 
He lmtlz lzis kitclrin in a box, 
His roafi meate in a pipe. 
When the war fpread itfelf over the country, many of thefe Roaring 
Boys became foldiers, and difgraced the profefhon by rapacity and cruelty. 
The pamphlets of the parliamentarians abound with complaints of the 
outrages perpetrated by the Cavaliers, and the evil appears to have been 
increafed by the ill-conduel of the auxiliaries brought over from Ireland 
to ferve the king, who were efpecially objefts of hatred to the Puritans. 
A broadlide among the king's pamphlets is adorned by a fatirical pifture 
of "The Englifh Irifh Souldier, with his new difcipline, new armes, old 


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