Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

The country had now begun to experience the rniferies of war, and 
to fmart under them; and the cavaliers were efpecially reproached for the 
cruelty with which they plundered and ill-treated people Whenever they 
gained the maftery. Colonel Lunsford was efpecinlly notorious for the 
barbarities committed by himfelf and his men-to fuch a degree that he 
was popularly accufed of eating children, a charge which is frequently 
alluded to in the popular fongs of the time. Thus one of thefe fongs 
couples him with two other obnoxious royalifis  
Frzm Fielding, and]? am Va-vafaur, 
B0111 ill-ajfnqed men, 
From Lunqfbrd eke deliver us, 
W710 cater]! up clzildren.


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