Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Hijlory 0f 
fong, in verfe Iimilar to the laft, contains a general review of the demerits 
of the members of the prelacy, under the title of " The Biihops Laft 
Good-night." At the head of the broadfide on which it is printed Hand 
two fatirical woodcuts, but it mutt be confelfed that the Words of the 
Yong are better than the engraving. The bilhop of Ely, we are told, had 
jnft gone to join his friend Laud in the Tower- 
Ely, thou lmjl al-way to tlzy pa-war 
Left the Mural: naked in a fiorme and [lva1vrz, 
And nolwfor 't tlmu mtg) to rlzj aldfiirnd i' 111' 
Tn rile Tower muff Ely ; 
Come away,  
A third obnoxious prelate was bilhop VVillian1s. VVilliams was a 
Welfhman who had been high in favour with James 1., but he had given 
offence to the government of Charles I., and been imprifoned in the 
Tower during the earlier part of that king's reign. He was relcafed by 
the parliament in 1640, and fo far regained the favour of king Charles, that 
he was railed to the archbiihopric of York in the year following. When 
the civil war began, he retired into VVales, and garrilbned Conway for 
the king. Williams's warlike behaviour was the iburce of much mirth 
among the Roundheads. In I642 was publilhed a large caricature on 
the three clalfes to whotn the parliamentarians were efpecially h0ftile- 
the royalifi judges, the prelates, and the rullling cavaliers; reprelented 
here, as we are told in writing in the copy among the king's pamphlets, 
by judge Mallet, bilhop lVilliams, and colonel Lunsford. Thefe three 
figures are placed in as many compartments with doggrel verfes under 
each. That of bifhop Williams is copied in our cut No. 178. The 
biihop is armed cap-it-pie, and in the diftance behind him are feen on one 
tide his cathedral church, and on the other his war-horfe. The verfes 
beneath it contain an allufion to this prelate's Wellh extraetion in the 
orthography of fome of the words  
011, fir, I'm: ready, didyou never lleere 
Hawfbrward I lza-ve bjn t"i: many a yeure, 
Tappofe tlzz prnnqice dat ix no-w on jbotz, 
Hllzicll plurlu my brelhen up boll: prancll and male .7 
My pofiure and my kart toil: well agree 
Toji_gl1t ; new plud is up : rame,_fblla'w met. 


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