Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
name for the fame thing, and was equally detefted. In a caricature 
publithed in 1641, Arminius is reprefented fupported on one fide by 
Herefy, wearing the triple crown, while on the other tide Truth is 
turning away from him, and carrying with her the Bible. It was the 
indifcreet zeal of archbifhop Laud which led to the triumph of the 
Puritan party, and the downfall of the epifcopal church government, and 
Laud became the butt for attacks of all defcriptions, in pamphlets, fongs, 
and fatirical prints, the latter ufually figuring in the titles of the pam- 
phlets. Laud was efpecially obnoxious to the Puritans for the bitternefs 
with which he had perfecuted them. 
In 1640 Laud was committed to the Tower, an event which was 
hailed as the Brit grand ttep towards the overthrow of the biihops. As 
an example of the feeling of exultation difplayed on this occafion by his 
enemies, we may quote a few lines from a fatirical fong, publilhed in 
1641, and entitled " The Organs Eccho. To the Tune of the Cathedrall 
Service." It is a general attack on the prelacy, and opens with a cry of 
triumph over the fall of William Laud, of whom the fong fays-- 
As lze was in lzix bra-uerie, 
And thought ta bring us all in flwverie, 
Tlze parliamzntfvund our bi: knwverie ; 
Andjbfell 7V711iam. 
din: I pears William! 
Hi: pope-like domineering, 
Andfome otlzer triek: appearing, 
Pro'v0k'd Sir Edward Deering 
Ta blame tlze aid prelate 
Alas I poare prelate! 
Somefay lze -was in nape 
To bring England again: to tlz" papa ; 
But now be is in danger qf an axz or 11 rape. 
Farewell, 01d Cantzrbury. 
Alas! poor: Canterbury ! 
Wren, bifhop of Ely, was another of the more obnoxious of the 
prelates, and there was hardly lefs joy among the popular party when he 
was committed to the Tower in the courfe of the year 1641. Another 
3 A fang, 


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