Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of C aricarure 
apology to king Louis. This event was made the fubject of a rather 
boafting caricature, the greater portion of which is given in our cut 
No. 176. It is entitled "Batteville vient adorer le Soliel" (Batteville 
comes to worfhip the fun). In the original the fun is feen ihining in the 
upper corner of the picture to the right, and prefenting the juvenile face 
of Louis XIV., but the caricaturitt appears to have fubtiitutcd Batteville 
in the place of Fuentes. Beneath the whole are the following boaftful 
On ne 'vz1 plus 5 Rome, an -vient de Rame an Fnmcr, 
Mziiter le pardm dz quelque grands nmflnze. 
L'I!a[ie laut zntiire gfijaumlfe a' res loix; 
Un  2 re draft dz nox roix. 
Mai: un Franfai: puwizntjoua de: bajiwznndex, 
E! funit Pirffllent dz fan: radomorlradzx. 
From this time there fprung up many caricatures againfi the Spaniards; 
but the moft ferocious caricature, or rather book of caricatures, of the 
reign of Louis'XIV., came from without, and was direoted againft the 
king and his minitters and courtiers. The revocation of the edi6t of 
Nantes took place in October, 1685, and was preceded and followed by 
frightful perfecutions of the Protettants, which drove away in thoufands 
the earneft, intelligent, and induftrious part of the population of France. 
They carried with them a deep hatred to their oppreffors, and fought 
refuge efpecially in the countries molt hoftile to Louis XIV.-England 
and Holland. The latter country, where they then enjoyed the greateft 
freedom of action, foon fent forth numerous fatirical books and prints 
againft the French king and his minifters, of which the book juft alluded 
to was one of the moft remarkable. It is entitled " Les Heros de la 
Ligue, ou la Proceflion Monacale conduite par Louis XIV. pour la Con- 
verlion des Proteflzans de fon Royaume," and conliils of a series of twenty- 
four moft grotefque faces, intended to reprefent the miniilers and courtiers 
ofthe " grand roi " molt odious to the Calvinifis. It mutt have provoked 
their wrath exceedingly. I give one example, and as it is difficult to 
(elect, I take the firll: in the lilt, which reprefents William of Fiirftemberg, 
one of the German princes devoted to Louis XlV., who, by his intrigues,' 
had forced him into the archbilhopric of Cologne, by which he became


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