Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Caricatures in France.began to be tolerahly abundant during the 
middle of the feventeenth century, but under the crufhing tyranny of 
Louis XIV., the freedom of the prefs, in all its forms, ceafed to exifi, and 
caricatures relating to France, unlefs they came from the court party, 
had to be publifhed in other countries, efpecially in Holland. It will be 
fufficient to give two examples from the reign of Louis XIV. In the 
year I661, a difpute arofe in London between the ambaifador of France, 
M. D'Eftrades, and the Spanilh ambaiTador, the baron de Batteville, on 
Bartuuille Humiliatsd. 
the queftion of precedence, which was carried fo far as to give rife to a 
tumult in the {ireets of the Engliih capital. At this very moment, a new 
Spanifh amb21{Tador, the marquis dc Fuentes, was on his Way to Paris, 
but Louis, indignant at Batteville's behaviour in London, fent orders to 
{top Fuentes on the frontier, and forbid his further advance into his 
kingdom. The king of Spain difavowed the acit of his ambaffador in 
England, who Was recalled, and Fuentes received orders to make an 


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