Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
is copied in our cut No. I74. Henri of Navarre, in the form of a lion, 
has pounced fiercely upon it, and not too foon, for it had already feized 
the crown and fceptre. In the diftance, the fun of national profperity is 
feen riling over the country. The third picture, the " Effets de la Ligue," 
reprefents the deltruetion of the kingdom and the {laughter of the people, 
of which the Ligue had been the caufe. 
The caricatures in France became more numerous during the feven- 
teenth century, but they are either fo elaborate or fo obfcure, that each 
1 74- 
The Dzjirufiinn of :11: Ligue. 
requires alinofl a diH'ertation to explain it, and they often relate to 
queftions or events which have little intere-It for us at the prefent day. 
Several rather fpirited ones appeared at the time of the dilgrace of the 
marefchal d'Ancre and his wife; and the inglorious war with the 
Netherlands, in 1635, furnilhed the occafion for others, for the French, 
as ufual, could make merry in their reverfes as Well as in their fucceITes. 
The imperialif: general Galas inflieted ferious defeat on the French 
armies, and compelled them to a very difaltrous retreat from the countries 
they had invaded, and they tried to amufe themfelves at the expenfe of 
their conqueror. Galas was rather remarkable for obefity, and the French 


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