Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

(yr C ariczzture 
are the two mulicians of the Ligue, one defcribed as Phelipottin, the blind 
performer on the viel, or hurdy-gurdy, to the Ligue, and his fubordinate, 
the player on the triangle, " kept at the expenfe of the future fpoufe." 
Thefe were to entertain the affembly during the paufes between the 
orations of the various fpeakers. All this is a fatire on the efforts of the 
king of Spain to eftablilh a monarch of his own choice. On the bench 
behind the muficians fit the deputies from Lyons, Poitiers, Orleans, and 
Rheirns, cities where the influence of the Ligue was Itrong, difculling the 
queftion as to who {hould be king. Thus much of this picture is repre- 
fented in our cut No. I73. There are other groups of figures in the 
reprefentation of the aliembly of the Eftates; and there are two Iide com- 
partments-that on the left reprefenting a forge, on which the fragments 
of a broken king are laid to be refounded, and a multitude of apes, with 
hammers and an anvil, ready to work him into a new king; the other 
lide of the picture reprefents the circumttances of a then well-known ad 
of tyranny perpetrated by the Eftates of the Ligue. Another large and 
well-executed engraving, publilhed at Paris in 1594, immediately after 
Henri IV. had obtained polfeflion of his capital, alfo reprefents the grand 
procefiion of the Ligue as defcribed at the commencement of the 
 Satyre Menippee," and was intended to hold up to ridicule the warlike 
temper of the French Catholic clergy. It is entitled, "La Proceflion de 
la Ligue." 
Henri's triumph over the Ligue was made the fubject of a feries of 
three caricatures, or perhaps, more correctly, of a caricature in three 
divifions. The Brit is entitled the " Naiilance de la Ligue," and repre- 
fents it under the form of a moniter with three heads, feverally thofe 
of a wolf, a fox, and a ierpent, iifuing from hell-mouth. Under it 
are the following lines  
L'aryQr, pour qprwirfoubxfes loix taut I2 momle. 
V omit ce monjire hizieux, fair d'1m laup rn-vffszlr, 
Ajizbld d'un manteau propre 43 route cauleur. 
The (Z-:cond divilion, the " Declin rle la 
Ligue," reprefenting its downfall,


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