Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Litemture and Art. 
meeting of the Eftates, at which the lieutenant-general of the kingdom, 
the duke of Mayenne, feared on the throne, prefldes. Above him is 
fufpended a large portrait of the infanta of Spain,  de la. Liguv, 
as {he is called in the fatire, ready to marry any one whom the Eflates 
ihall declare king of France. In chairs, on each flde of Mayenne, are the 
two " ladies of honour " of the faid future fpoufe. To the left are feated 
Nv- 173' 
The Ajzmbbl 9fAP5"'- 
in a row the celebrated council of fixteen (lesjiaize), reduced at this time 
to twelve, becaufe the duke of Mayenne, to check their turbulence, had 
caufed four of them to be hanged. They wear the favours of the future 
fpoufe. Oppofite to them are the reprefcntatives of the three orders, all, 
we are told, devoted to the fervice of" the faid lady." Before the throne


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