Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of C aricczture 
In the middle of the picture ftands the king, and befide him D'Epernon, 
who is blowing into his ear with a bellows. On the ground before them 
lie the headlefs corpfes of the deuxfrares Catholiques, the duke of Guife, 
and his brother the cardinal, while the executioner of royal vengeance is 
holding up their heads by the hair. In the dittance 1s feen the cattle of 
Blois, in which this tragedy took place; and on the left of the picture 
appear the cardinal de Bourbon, the archbithop of Blois, and other 
friends of the Guifes, exprefling their horror at the deed. Henri III. was 
liimfelf murdered in the year following, and the caricatures againtt him 
became {till more brutal during the period in which the ligueurs tried to 
fet up a king of their own in his place. In one caricature, which has 
more of an emblematical character than mott of the others, he is piotured 
as " Henri le .Monltrueux  and in others, entitled "Les Hermaphro- 
dites," he is exhibited under forms which point at the infamous vices 
with which he was charged. 
The tide of caricature, however, foon turned in the contrary direction, 
and the coarfe, unprincipled abufe employed by the ligueurs found a 
favourable contrait in the powerful wit and talent of the fatiriits and 
caricaturilts who now took up pen and pencil in the caufe of Henri IV. 
The former was, on the whole, the more formidable Weapon, but the 
latter reprefented to fome eyes more vividly in picture what had already 
been done in type. This was the cafe on both {ides ; the caricature lait 
mentioned was founded upon a very libellons fatirical pamphlet againft 
Henri III., entitled "L'Ifle des Herniaphrodites." It is the cafe alfo 
with the firtt caricatures againlt the ligueurs, which I have to mention. 
The Ettates held in Paris by the duke of Mayenne and the ligueurs for 
the purpofe of ele6ting a new king in oppotition to Henri of Navarre, were 
made the fubjeot of the celebrated " Satyre Menippee," in which the pro- 
ceedings of thefe Ettates were turned to ridicule in the molt admirable 
manner. Four large editions were fold in lefs than as many  
Several caricatures arofe out of or accompanied this remarkable book. 
One of thefe is a rather large print, entitled " La Singerie des Eitats de la 
L-igue, l'an 1593," in which the members of the Ettates and the ligueurs 
are pictured with the heads of monkeys. The central part reprefents the 


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