Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

0f Caricature 
with that of France. Such an expedition aH'e6ted many political interefls, 
and Louis had to employ a certain amount of diplomacy with his neigh- 
bours, feveral of whom were {lrongly oppofed to his projeds of ambition, 
and among thofe who aeted mofl openly were the Swifs, who were 
believed to have been fecretly fupported by England and the Netherlands. 
Louis, however, overcame their oppofition, and obtained a renewal of the 
alliance which had expired with his predeceilor Charles VIII. This 
temporary difficulty with the Swifs is the fubject of our caricature, the 
original of which bears the title " Le Revers du Jeu des Suylles " (the 
defeat of the game of the Swilis). The princes molt intereited are 
allembled round a card-table, at which are feated the king of France to 
the right, oppoiite him the Swifs, and in front the (loge of Venice, who


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