Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Grotcfgue 
qf Caricature 
burlefque defcription of the grand procefiion which preceded it. Then 
we are introduced to the hall of aifembly, and diiferent fubjects piritured 
on the tapefiries which cover its Walls, all having reference to the politics 
of the Ligue, are defcribed fully. Then we come to the report of the 
rneeting, and to the fpeeches of the different fpeakers, each of which is a 
model of fatire. It is not known which of the little club of fatirifts wrote 
the open fpeech of the duke of Mayenne, but that of the Roman legate 
is known to be the work of Gillot, and that of the cardinal de Pelve, a 
mafterpiece of Latin in the {tyle of the "Epiftolae Obfcurorum Virorum," 
was written by Florent Chreitien. Nicolas Rapin compofecl the "harangue" 
placed in the mouth of the archbiihop of Lyons, as well as that of Rofe, 
the rector of the univerfity 5 and the long fpeech of Claude d'Aubray was 
by Pithou.  Pafferat compofed molt of the verfes which are fcattered 
through the book, and it is underftood that Pithon finally revifed the 
whole. This mock report of the meeting of the Eftates clofes with a 
defcription of a feries of political pidtures which are arranged on the wall 
of the [taircafe of the hall. 
Thefe pictures, as well as thofe on the tapefcries of the hall of meeting, 
are [imply fo many caricatures, and the fame may be faid of another fet 
of pictures, of which a defcription is given in one of the fatirical pieces 
which followed the " Satyre Menippee," on the fame iide, entitled, 
" Hifcoire des Singeries de la Ligue." It was amid the political turmoil 
of the fixteenth century in France that modern political caricature took 
its rife.


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