Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and in 
wicked courfes. One argued that all Jews Rink, and as it was well 
known that Pfeifercorn continued to {link like a Jew, it was quite evident 
that he could not be a good Chriltian. Some of Ortuinus's correfpondents 
confult him on difficult theological quellions. Here is an example in a 
letter from one Henricus Schaffmulius, another of his fcholars who had 
made the journey to Rome  
" Since, before I journeyed to the Court, you said to me that I am to write 
often to you, and that sometimes I am to send you any theological questions, which 
you will solve for me better than the courtiers of Rome, therefore now I ask your 
mastership what you hold as to the case when any one on a Friday, or any other 
fast day, eats an egg, and there is a chicken inside. Because the other day we sat 
in a tavern in the Campo-tlore, and made a collation, and eat eggs, and I, opening 
an egg, saw that there was a young chicken in it, which I showed to my companion, 
and then he said, ' Eat it quickly before the host sees it, for if he sees it, then you 
will be obliged to give a carlino or a julio for a hen, because it is the custom here 
that, when the host places anything on the table, you must pay for it, for they will 
not take it back. And when he sees there is a young hen in the egg, he will say, 
Pay me for the hen, because he reckons a small one the same as a large one." And 
I immediately sucked up the egg, and with it the chicken, and afterwards I bethought 
me that it was Friday, and I said to my companion. ' You have caused me to com- 
mit a mortal sin, in eating flesh on Friclayf And he said that it is not a mortal 
sin, nor even a venial sin, because that embryo of a chicken is not reckoned other 
than an egg till it is born ; and he told me that it_ is as in cheeses, in which there 
are sometimes worms, and in cherries, and fresh peas and beans, yet they are eaten 
on Fridays, and also in the vigils ot the apostles. But the hosts are such rogues, 
that they say that they are flesh, that they may have more money. Then I went 
away, and thought about it. And, per Deum! Magister Ortuinus, I am much 
troubled, and I know not how I ought to rule myself. It I went to ask advice of a 
courtier [of the papal court], I know that they have not good consciences. It 
seems to me that these young hens in the eggs are Flesh, because the matter is already 
formed and figured in members and bodies of an animal, and it has life; it is other- 
wise with worms in cheeses and other things, because worms are reputed for f-ishes, 
as I have heard from a physician, who is a very good naturalist. Therefore I ask 
you very earnestly, that you will give me your reply on this question. Because it you 
hold that it is a mortal sin, then I will purchase an absolution here, before I return 
to Germany. Also you must know that our master jacobus de Hochstraten has 
obtained a thousand florins from the bank, and I think that with these he will gain 
his cause, and the devil confound that John Reuchlin, and the other poets and 
jurists, because they will be against the church ot God, that is, against the theologists, 
in whom is founded the church, as Christ said; Thou art Peter, and upon this 
rock I will build my church. And so I commend you to the Lord God. Fare- 
well. Given from the city of Rome." 
While in Italy macaronic literature was reaching its greateli perfedion, 
U U there


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