Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf C aricature 
and he has a fword as long as a giant; when I faw him, then I held my 
tongue." At Worms, he found things no better, for the " doetors " fpoke 
bitterly againft the theologians, and when he attempted to expoitulate, he 
got foul Words as well as threats, a learned doetor in medicine atlirtning 
" quad merdaret fuper nos omnes." On leaving Worms, Lamp and his 
companion, another theologift, fell in with plunderers who made them pay 
two Horins to drink, " and I {aid occulte, Drink what may the devil blelis to 
you!" Subfequently they fell. into low amours at country inns, which 
are defcribed coarfely, and then they reached Infprucken, where they 
found the emperor, and his court and army, with whofe manners and 
proceedings Magilter Lamp became forely difgulled. I pafs over other 
adventures till they reach Mantua, the birthplace of Virgil, and of a late 
mediaaval Latin poet, named from it Baptifia Mantuanus. Lamp, in his 
hoftile fpirit towards the " fecular poets," proceeds,-" And my companion 
faid, ' Here Virgil was born.' I replied, ' What do I care for that pagan? 
We will go to the Carmelites, and fee Baptiita Mantuanus, who is twice 
as good as Virgil, as I have heard full ten times from Ortuinus  and I 
told him how you once reprehended Donatus, when he lays, 'Virgil was 
the molt learned of poets, and the belt  and you faid, ' If Donatus were 
here, I would tell him to his face that he lies, for Baptiila Mantuanus is 
above Virgil.' And when we came to the monaftery of the Carmelites, 
we were told that Baptilia Mantuanns was dead; then I faid, ' May he 
reft in peace 1'" They continued their journey by Bologna, where they 
found the inquifitor Jacob de Hochftraten, and Florence, to Siena. "After 
this there are fmall towns, and one is called Monte-fiafcon, where we 
drunk excellent wine, fuch as I never drank in my life. And I all-Led the 
holt what that wine is called, and he replied that it is lachryma Chrifti. 
Then faid my companion, '1 with Chrift would cry in our country!' 
And fo we drank a good bout, and two days after we entered Rome." 
In the courfe of thefe letters the theologilts, the poets efpecially, the 
character of the clergy, and particularly Reuchlin and Pt"eH'ercorn, afford 
continual fubjects for difpute and pleafantry. The lalt mentioned indivi- 
dual, in the opinion of fume, had merited hanging for theft, and it was 
pretended that the Jews had expelled him from their fociety for his 


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