Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
correct to say magwer myimndus, or mym magwrandus, for a person fit to be made doctor 
in theology.    And immediately Master Warmsemmel, who is a subtle Scotist, 
and has been master eighteen years, and was in his time twice rejected and thrice 
delayed for the degree of master, and he went on offering himself, until he was pro- 
tnoted for the honour of the university,    spoke, and held that we should say najier 
nmgijimndus.    Then Master Andreas Delitsch, who is very subtle, and half poet, 
half artist (i. e. one who professed in the faculty of arts), physician, and jurist; and 
now he reads ordinarily ' Ovid on the Metamorphoses," and expounds all the 
fables allegorically and literally, and I was his hearer, because he expounds very 
fundamentally, and he also reads at home Quintillian and Juvencus, and he held 
the opposite to Master Warmsemmel, and said that we ought to say mag-ffler 
najirandus. For as there is a difference between mag-ijkr nofler and nojier magijier, so 
also there is a difference between magfjler mjirandus and rmjier magijimndus; for a doctor 
in theology is called nmgijhr mwer, and it is one word, but najier magijler are two 
words, and it is taken for any master; and he quoted Horace in support of this. 
Then the masters much admired his subtlety, and one drank to him a cup of"Neu- 
burg ale. And he said, ' I will wait, but spare me," and touched his hat, and 
laughed heartily, and drank to Master Warmsemmcl, and said, 'There, master, 
don't think I am an enemy,'and he drank it off at one draught, and Master Warm- 
semmel replied to him with a strong draught. And the masters were all merry till 
the bell rang for Vespers."  
Matier Ortuin is preffed for his judgment on this weighty queflion. A 
{imilar fcene defcribed in another letter ends lefs peacefully. The cor- 
refpondent on this occafion is Magifler Bornharddus Plumilegus, who 
addreifes Ortuinus Gratius as follows  
" Wretched is the mouse which has only one hole for a refuge ! So also I may 
say of myself, most venerable sir, for I should he poor if I had only one friend, and 
when that one should fail me, then I should not have another to treat me with kind- 
ness. As is the case now with a certain poet here, who is called George Sibutus, 
and he is one of the secular poets, and reads publicly in poetry, and is in other 
respects a good fellow (banuxfociux), But as you know these poets, when they are 
not theologists like you, will always reprehend others, and despise the theologists. 
And once in adrinking party in his house, when we were drinking Thurgen ale, and 
sat until the hour of tierce, and I was moderately drunk, because that ale rose img 
my head, then there was one who was not before friendly with me, and I drank to him 
halfa cup, and he accepted it. But afterwards he would not return the Compllment. 
And thrice I cautioned him, and he would not reply, but sat in silence and said 
nothing. Then I thought to myself, Behold this man treats thee with contempt, 
and is proud, and always wants to confound you. And I was stirred in my anger, 
and took the cup, and threw it at his head. Then that poet was angry at me, and 
said that I had caused a disturbance in his house, and said I should go out of his 
house in the devil's name. Then I replied, ' What matter is it if you are my 
enemy ?


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