Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
the dunghill, by the talented and elegant-minded Drummond of Haw- 
thornden. VVe may take a {ingle example of the Englilh macaronie 
from this poem, which will not need an Englilh tranflation. One of the 
female chara6ters in the dunghill war, calls, among others, to her aid- 
Hum" qui dirtffera: terjit tum d1]bcIou{y dijlvrag, 
Hzmc qui gruelias ]Z"i11ir bane lickere pletrax, 
Etfaltparmifumos, at widebricatosfijberos, 
Helheqfque etiamfaltera: duxir ab antris, 
Coalkeuglws nigri girrzanles more di-velli ; 
Lijlzguardamquejbifqz-was -uomt impralm lajizs, 
Maggyam magi: dot-Yam milkare ca-uaeas, 
Er da:E7am fueparejiauras, etjernere beddas, 
Quwque nwuit fpinnare, at long-as duczre tbreddas ; 
Narjyam, claws: bane qua? kzepa-zlerat omnes, 
Quwque lanam cardarejblergreafy-fngria Bert]. 
Perhaps before this was written, the eccentric Thomas Coryat had 
publifhed in the volume of his Crudities, printed in I611, a ihort piece of 
verfe, which is perfect in its macaronic Hyle, but in which Italian and 
other foreign words are introduced, as well as Englifh. The celebrated 
comedy of " Ignoramus," compofed by George Ruggle in 16:5, may alfo be 
mentioned as containing many excellent examples of Engliih macaronics. 
While Italy was giving birth to macaronic verfe, the fatire upon the 
ignorance and bigotry of the clergy was taking another form in Germany, 
which arofe from fome occurrences which it will be neceifary to relate. 
In the midit of the violent religious agitation at the beginning of the 
fixteenth century in Germany, there lived a German Jew named Pfeffer- 
corn, who embraced Chriitianity, and to {how his zeal for his new faith, 
he obtained from the emperor an edict ordering the Talmud and all the 
Jewifh writings which were contrary to the Chriftian faith to be burnt. 
There lived at the fame time a fcholar of ditlinetion, and of more liberal 
views than molt of the fcholaltics of his time, named John Reuchlin. 
He was a relative of Melancthon, and was fecretary to the palfgrave, 
who was tolerant like himfelf. The Jews, as might be expected, 
were unwilling to give up their books to be burnt, and Reuchlin 
wrote in their defence, under the affumed name of Capnion, which is a 


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