Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Etlzica torquetyum per cgfinx, at dolor ingens : 
Cum male re: -vadit, viwzrefarlzat cum. 
Dixerunt mulici, jjweranfa cf! nullafulutis : 
Etlzirus in tqfa -viwere fauca pmji. 
Ante juam moriem 'voluit parlarz per karam 
Imperelatori, corgfiliumque dare. 
Scix, Ccefar, firiE7e mjiri grofpantur amares, 
Namque dun: animus corpus utrumgue tenet, 
Heu I fuge Pro-z1er5fam_fartzm, fuge lirtus amm-urn, 
Far tibi non narent glaria tanra mode. 
But when he returnsfrnm boajifng Iilarfeilles, 
Very ill content, that [be had repu.ye:1' him, 
Hefaund Anrvnia dz Ley-ua 'uer_y ill, 
For -whom terrible death 1': preparing a jlzrrmzuful her]. 
Ilee'-Yicfe-ver tarturex him in the ribs, and great pain; 
Sinee things are going ill, he is -weary qf life. 
Before his death he wybed to fpeak an hour 
To the emferor, and to give him raunfel.  
" Ybu know, Cejizr, our afkl-Yions are clqfely hound tagtlher, 
For either body holds the t-we fouls, 
Ala: ! fly Provence the firong, fly the bitterflaare, 
Take care that your great glory pro-ve nut an injury to you." 
Thus Leyva goes on to perfuade the emperor to abandon his enterprife, 
and then dies. Arena exults over his death, and over the emperor's 
grief for his lots, and then proceeds to defcribe the ditaftrous retreat of the 
imperial army, and the glory of France in her king. 
Antonius de Arena wrote with vigour and humour, but his verfes are 
tame in comparifon with his model, Folengo. The tafre for macaronic 
verfe never took Ptrong root in France, and the few obfcure writers who 
attempted to thine in that kind of cornpofition are now forgotten, except 
by the laborious bibliographer. One named Jean Germain, wrote a 
macaronic hillory of the invation of Provence by the imperialilts in rivalry 
of Arenas. I will not follow the tafte for this clals of burlefque compofi- 
tion into Spain or Germany, but merely add that it was not adopted in 
England until the beginning of the feventeenth century, when feveral 
authors employed it at about the fame time. The moft perfeot example 
of thefe early Englith macaronics is the " Polemo-Middiana," i.e. battle of 


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