Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
although it is mixed with a great amount of coarfe and licentious ideas, 
expreifed no lefs coarfely and licentioufly. What we may term the filth, 
indeed, forms a large proportion of the Italian macaronic poetry. The 
paitoral of Zanitonella prefents, as might be expe6ted, more poetic 
beauty than the romance of Balbus. As an example of the language 
of the latter, and indeed of that of the Italian macaronics in general, 
I give a few lines of a defcription of a Itorm at fea, from the twelfth 
canto, with a literal tranflation  
jam gridor etterias haminum concujit abyjos, 
Sentiturque ingen: cardarum jiridor, er ipfe 
Ponrus lzabet pa-vidos wultus, martllfque colores. 
Num: Siroclzux lmbet palmam, nun: Barrafupercliat  
Irrugit pelagus, tangit quaqueflufiibus afra, 
Fulgurejinmmigero creber Iampezat Olympu: ; 
V ela forata micant crebrix laceraza baloltis ; 
Horrendam mortem nauti: ea cunfia minnzzanr. 
Nuncjlalzara ratis celfum mngebat Obvmpum, 
Nun: fubit irjkrnam undajbadaccbiante paludcm. 
No-w the elamour gr the men fbaole the ethereal alzyjes, 
And the mighty crafbing of the ropes isjelt, and the very 
Sea has pale looks, and the hue cf death. 
N010 the Sirocco ha: the palm, new Eurus exulzx 0-zrer it; 
T he fa mars, and touches the jlars with its 'wa'ue:, 
Olympus continually blaze: out with flaming thunder, 
The fiercedfail: glitter torn -with frequent thzmderbults ; 
All thefe threaten frightful death to the failors. 
New the [hip tqjed up tnuehed the to]: qf Olympus, 
Now, the rzva-ve yawning, iz fnhs into the infernal lake. 
Teofilo Folengo was followed by a number of imitators, of Whom it 
will be fuiiicient to ftate that he Hands in talent as far above his followers 
as above thofe who preceded him. One of thefe minor Italian macaronic 
writers, named Bartolommeo Bolla, of Bergamo, who Houriihed in the 
latter half of the (ixtee-nth century, had the vanity to call himfelf, in the 
title of one of his books, " the Apollo of poets, and the Cocaius of this 
age  but a modern critic has remarked of him that he is as far removed 


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