Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
at the head of the Romans, and told that Rome was always ruined under 
a Sextus- 
De Alexandre VI. Pout. 
Sextus Tarquiniux, Sextu: Nero, Sextu: et {fie  
Semperfub Semis perdira Rama fuit. 
The following is given for an 
Alexander's profligate daughter  
Has tumulo dormit Lurretia nominqjkd re 
Tlzais, A1ex'andrifilia,fjoonfa, nurzu. 
In another of a rather later date, Rome, addreiiing herfelf to Pafquil, is 
made to complain of two fuccefhve popes, Clement VII. (Julio de Medicis, 
I523-1534.) and Paul III. (Alexandro Farnefe, I534-154.9), and alfo of 
Leo X. (1513-1521). " I am," Rome fays,  tick enough with the 
phyfician (Medicus, as a pun on the Medicis), I was alfo the prey of the 
lion (Leo), now, Paul, you tear my vitals like a wolf. You, Paul, are not 
a god to me, as I thought in my folly, but you are a wolf, fince you tear 
the food from my mouth  
Sum Medica fati: ceg1'n,fui quofue prwda Leonix, 
Nun: mea dilacem: rvifcera, Paula, lupus. 
Non ex, Paule, mibi 1-lumen, ceujiulta putalmm, 
Sed lupu: es, guoniamfubtralzis are ciburri. 
Another eplgram, addreffed to Rome herfelf, involves a pun in Greek 
(in the words Paulos, Paul, and Plzaulos, wicked). " Once, Rome," it 
fays, " lords of lords were thy fubjecis, now thou in thy wretchednefs art 
fubjeci to the ferfs of ferfs; once you Iifiened to the oracles of St. Paul, 
but now you perform the abominable commands of the wicked  
Qzondam, Roma, tilzi fuberant domini domirmrum, 
Audfpi guondam di-uini oracula Hmjxov, 
.4! nun: 7w]! 4wu;).mv  mfandafacix. 
The idea, of courfe. is the contrafi of Rome in her Pagan glory, with 
Rome in her Chrifiian debafement, very much the fame as that which 


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