Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
invented for the ftatue, people agreed to give it the name of the fhoemaker, 
and they called it Pafqnillo. It became a cuitom, at certain feafons, to 
Write on pieces of paper fatirical epigrams, fonnets, and other fhort com- 
pofitions in Latin or Italian, moitly of a perfonal charaeter, in which the 
writer declared whatever he had feen or heard to the difcredit of fomebody, 
and thefe were publifhed by depoliting them with the ftatue, whence 
they were taken and read. One of the Latin epigrams which pleads 
againit committing thefe fhort perfonal fatires to print, calls the time at 
which it was ufual to compofe them Pafquil's feftival  
jam redi! illa dies in qua Ramana ju-ventu: 
Pafguilli fkjium concelzbralvit 0-vans, 
Sad -verfus imprgjh olzfecro ut edere amirtas, 
Ne noceant iterum qua rzocuere fame]. 
The feftival was evidently a favourite one, and well celebrated. " The 
foldiers of Xerxes," ihys another epigram, placed in Pafquil's mouth, 
" were not fo plentiful as the paper befcowed upon me ; I {hall foou become 
a bookfeller  
Armigerzfm Xerxi non copia tzmta pnpyri 
Quanta milzi : jiam bibliopolajlntim. 
The name of Pafquil was foon given to the papers which were 
depofited with the Ptatue, and eventually a pafguil, or pajfuin, was only 
another name for a lampoon or libel. Not far from this Ptatue flood 
another, which was found in the forum of Mars (lllartis forum), and 
was thence popularly called Marforio. Some of thcfe fatirical writings 
were cornpofed in the form of dialogues between Pafquil and Marforio, 
or of ineilages from one to the other. 
A colleetion of thefe pafquils was publilhed in 154.4 in two frnall 
volumes." Many of them are extremely clever, and theyare Iharply pointed. 
The popes are frequent objects of bittereft fatire. Thus we are reminded 
in two lines upon pope Alexander VI. (jizxtus), the infamous Borgia, that 
Tarquin had been a Sextus, and Nero alfo, and now another Sextus was 
'4 Pasquillnrum 
Tomi duo." 
Eleutheropoli, MDXLIIII.


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