Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
producing engravings of fieges, feftive entertainments, and fuch elaborate 
fubjects. As Callot's afpirations had been directed towards Italy, thofe of 
Della Bella were turned towards France, and when in the latter days of 
the minitiry of Cardinal Richelieu, the grand duke of Florence fent 
Alexandro del Nero as his relident arnbatfador in Paris, Della Bella was 
permitted to accompany him. Richelieu was occupied in the liege of 
Arras, and the engraving of that event was the foundation of Della Bella's 
fame in France, where he remained about ten years, frequently employed 
on fimilar fubjeits. He fubfequently vifited Flanders and Holland, and 
at Amfterdarn made the acquaintance of Rembrandt. He returned to 
Florence in 1650, and died there on the 23rd of July, 1664. 
Wliile [till in Florence, Della Bella executed four prints of dwarfs 
quite in the grotefque {tyle of Callot. In 1637, on the occalion of the 
marriage of the grand duke Ferdinand II., Della Bella publifhed 
engravings of the different fcenes reprefentcd, or performed, on that 
occafion. Thefe were elfeeted by very elaborate machinery, and were 
reprefented in fix engravings, the fifth 
of which (fcena quinta) reprefents _-Lkx 
hell (d' Inferno), and is tilled with L, V  7" 
turies, demons, and witches, which X: 
might have found a place in Callot's '1 J  
"Temptation of St. Anthony." if  
A fpecimen of thefe is given in our  
cut No. 168-a naked witch feated   XX 
upon a {keleton of an animal that   
might have been borrowed from fome C; '   is 
far diilant geological period. In ML  
1642, Della Bella executed a set of 
fmall " Caprices," conlifting of thirteen plates, from the eighth of which 
we take our cut No. 169. It reprefents a beggar-woman, carrying one 
child on her back, while another is ilretched on the ground. In this 
clafs of fubjects Della Bella imitated Callot, but the copyiti never fuc- 
ceeded in equalling the original. His beii ftyle, as an original artift of 
burlefque and caricature, is ihown in a fet of five plates of Death carrying 


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