Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
be more truthful, and at the fame time more comic, than this laft fet of 
fubjefts. We give, as an example of the fet of the Baroni, or beggars, 
Callot's ligure of one of that particular clafs-for beggars and rogues of 
all kinds were claflilied in thofc days-whofe part it was to appeal to 
charity by wounds and fores artificially reprefented. In the Englilh flang 
of the feventeenth century, thefe artificial fores were called clymes, and a 
curious account of the manner in which they were made will be found in 
that (ingular pi-Eture of the vicious claffes of fociety in this country at that 
period, the " Engliih Rogue," by Head and Kirkman. The falfe cripple 
in our cut is holding up his leg to make a difplay of his pretended 
Callot remained at Nancy, with merely temporary abfences, during 
the remainder of his life. In 1628, he was employed at Bruifels in 
drawing and engraving the " Siege of Breda," one of the moll: Iinifhed 0t 
his works, and he there made the perfonal acquaintance of Vandyck. Early 


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