Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

aj Caricature 
While employed for others, Callot had worked chiefly with the graver, 
but now that he was his own mafter, he laid afide that implement, and 
devoted himfelf almollz entirely to etching, in which he attained the 
higheft prohciency. His work is remarkable for the cleannefs and eafe of 
his lines, and for the life and fpirit he gave to his figures. His talent lay 
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A Grotqfque Mafker. 
efpecially in the extraordinary ikill with which he grouped together 
great numbers of diminutive figures, each of which preferved its proper 
and full a6tion and effect. The great annual fair of the Inipruneta was 
held with extraordinary fefiivities, and attended by an immenfe concourfc 
 of people of all cla{Tes. on St. Luke's Day, the 18th of Oetober, in the 
outikirts of Florence. Callot engraved a large pioture of this fair, which 
is abfolutely wonderful. The picture embraces an extenfive fpace of 
ground, which is covered with hundreds of figures, all occupied, iingly or 
 in groups, in different manners, converfing, mafquerading, buying and 
 felling, playing games, and performing in various ways; each group or 



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