Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Grotwue 
of Caricature 
the middle of the pifture, furrounded by the demons reprefented in our 
cut and by many others; and as he approaches the magician, he is fecn 
raifing his right hand in the attitude of pronouncing a benedi6tion, the 
apparent confequence of which is a frightful explofion of the magicianis 
pot, which flrikes the demons with evident confternation. Nothing can 
be more bizarre than the horI'e's head upon human legs in armour, the 
parody upon :1 crawling fpider behind it, the ikull (apparently of a horfe) 
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'S-Ni  I      xi 
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f  17""  A  3 
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 K.  to   
15  1 Jim 
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? 2  .1:-J-D331" 
N0. I 55. St. Fame: and Iris Perfecutors. 
fupported upon naked human legs, the fir-angely excited animal behind 
the latter, and the figure furniihed with pilgrim's hood and Raff; which 
appears to be mocking the faint. Another print--a companion to the 
foregoing--reprefents the [till more complete difcomfiture of the magus. 
The faint here occupies the right-hand f1de of the pidlure, and is raiting 
his hand higher, with apparently a greater {how of authority. The 
demons have all turned againft their matter the magician, Whom they are 


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