Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
in the fifteenth century, this clafs of legends became great favourites with 
painters and engravers, and fooii gave rife to the peculiar fchool of 
zliiablerie mentioned above. At that time the ftory of the Temptation of 
St. Anthony attracted particular attention, and it is the fubjeet of many 
remarkable prints belonging to the earlier ages of the art of engraving. 
It employed the pencils of fuch artitls as Martin Schongauer, Ifrael van 
Meclien, and Lucas Cranach. Of the latter we have two different 
engravings on the fame fubjeet-St. Anthony carried into the air by the 
demons, who are reprefented in a great variety of grotefque and monllrous 
forms. The mofl remarkable of the two bears the date of I506, and was, 
therefore, one of Cranach's earlier works. But the great reprefentative 
of this earlier fchool of dial-lerie was Peter Breughel, a Flernifh painter 
who Houriflied in the middle of the fixteenth century. He was born at 
Breughel, near Breda, and lived fome time at Antwerp, but afterwards 
eftablifhed himfelf at Brutfels. So celebrated was he for the love of the 
grotefque difplayed in his pictures, that he was known by the name of 
Peter the Droll. Breughel's "Temptation of St. Anthony," like one or 
two others of his fubjeits of the fame clafs, was engraved in a reduced 
form by J. T. de Bry. Breughel's demons are figures of the molt fantattic 
defcription-creations of a wildly grotefque imagination; they prefent 
incongruous and laughable mixtures of parts of living things which have no 
relation whatever to one another. Our cut No. 155 reprefents a group of 
thefe grotefque demons, from a plate by Breughel, engraved in 1565, and 
entitled Divus Jacobus diabolicis prwjiigiis ante magum fflitur (St. James 
is arreited before the magician by diabolical delufions). The engraving 
is full of fimilarly grotefque figures. On the right is a fpacious chimney, 
and up it witches, riding on brooms, are making their efcape, while in 
the air are feen other witches riding away upon dragons and a goat. A 
kettle is boiling over the fire, around which a group of monkeys are feen 
fitting and warming tliemfelves. Behind thefe a cat and a toad are 
holding a very intimate converfation. In the background {tands and 
boils the great witches' caldron. On the right of the picture the magus, 
or magician, is feated, reading his grimoire, with a frame before him 
fupporting the pot containing his magical ingredients. The faint occupies 


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