Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

IO HM0r_y of Caricature and Grottjoue 
Hiftoryfwi informs us that at one time, among the pictures exhibited in 
the Forum at Rome, there was one in which a Gaul was reprefented, 
" thrufting out his tongue in a very unbecoming manner." The Egyptian 
Typhons had their exaot reprefentations in ancient Greece in a figure of 
frequent occurrence, to which antiquaries have, 1 know not why, given 
the name of Gorgon. The example in our cut No. 8, is a figure in terra- 
cotta, now in the collection of the Royal Muieum at Berlin.T  
In Greece, however, the fpirit of caricature and burlefque repre- 
fentation had affumed a more regular form than in other countries, for it 
was inherent in the fpirit of Grecian fociety. Among the population of 
Greece, the worihip of Dionyfus, or Bacchus, had taken deep root from 
Plin. Hist. Nat-, lib. xxxv. c. 8, 
Panofka, Terracotten des Museums Berlin, pl. 


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