Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature and 
of the manner in which the comedies of the Romans were regarded by 
one clafs of people in the middle ages, and it has alfo a in-ther meaning. 
Its form is that of a dialogue in Latin verfe between Terence and a per- 
fonage called in the original delzgjbr, which was no doubt intended to exprefs 
a performer of fome kind, and may be probably confidered as fynonyrnous 
with jougleur. It is a contention between the new jouglerie of the 
middle ages and the old jouglerie of the fchools, fomewhat in the fame 
ityle as the fabliau of " Les deux Troveors Ribauz," defcribed in a former 
chapter." We are to fuppofe that the name of Terence has been in fome 
way or other brought forward in laudatory terms, upon which the jougleur 
Preps forward from among the fpectators and exprefles himfelf towards the 
Roman writer very contemptuoufly. Terence then makes his appearance 
to fpeak in his own defence, and the two go on abuling one another in 
no very meafured language. Terence afks his aH'ai1ant who he is? to 
which the other replies, " If you atk who I am, I reply, I am better than 
thee. Thou art old and broken with years; I am a tyro, full of vigour, 
and in the force of youth. You are but a barren trunk, while I am a 
good and fertile tree. If you hold your tongue, old fellow, it will be 
much better for you." 
Si ragiras guisfum, rejbanden : Ie melior 
Tu wetus atguefenax ; ego tyro, -valens, adulefrem. 
Tu jlerilix truncus; egofertilix arbor, opimus. 
Si taceas, 0 wetule, Iuzrum tibi qzueris enorme. 
Terence replies  What fenfe have you left? Are you, think you, 
better than me? Let me fee you, young as you are, compofe what I, 
however old and broken; will compofe. If you be a good tree, {how us 
fome proofs of your fertility. Although I may be a barren trunk, I 
produce abundance of better fruit than thine." 
Q5113 tz'bi_fenj:s inn]? ? numguid meliar me ex :7 
Nzmc wtu: alquefenex guwjhero far adolqfcam. 
Si bonus arbor adex, guajlvtilimte redunda: 5' 
Cumjim trurlcux iners, fruHu meliare redundo. 
Sef P- 
191 of the present volumz.


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