Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
the Saviour, as the good fhepherd, who has knocked, and the porter has 
opened it with his key. Chrift's true teachers, the evangelifts, {how the 
Way to the folitary man of worth who comes by this road, and who liftens 
with calm attention to the gofpel teachers, while he opens his purfe to 
beitow his charity on the poor man by the road fide. In the original 
engraving, in the diftance on the left, the Good Shepherd is feen followed 
by his flock, who are obedient to his voice ; on the right, the bad {hep- 
herd, who has oftentatioufly drawn up his fheep round the image of the 
crofs. is abandoning them, and taking to flight on the approach of the 
wolf. " He that entereth in by the door is the {hepherd of the fheep. 
To him the porter openeth; and the {beep hear his voice, and he calleth 
his ow11 iheep by name, and leadeth them out. Lg 
And when he putteth forth his own fheep he VA   
goeth before them, and the {heep follow him, {A  
for they know his voice.  .  But he that is an 1", U  1' K 
hireling, and not the fhepherd, whofe own the 1 gr,  
lheep are not, feeth the wolf coming, and  vi 15 Q Vi  
leaveth the fheep, and Heeth ; and the wolf L" x 5 Elf 
catcheth them, and fcattereth the iheep." 7'. ' 
(John x. 2-4, I2.)  xx  
The triumph of Luther is the fubjeet of a  KA   ix 
rather large and elaborate caricature, which is  is i X X 
an engraving of great rarity, but a copy of it      
is given in Jaime's " Mutfe de Caricature." id    Ii it 
Leo X. is reprefented feated on his throne upon '1    
the edge of the abyfs, into which his cardinals 0"  1 (ii 
are trying to prevent his falling; but their Na I53 1l4w'rrrr1m1'Lurl1er"s 
efforts are rendered vain by the appearance Duugmh 
of Luther on the other tide fupported by his principal adherents, and 
Wielding the Bible as his Weapon, and the pope is overthrown, in fpite of 
the fupport he receives from a vaft hoft of popifh clergy, doctors, 8zc. 
The popiih writers againft Luther charged him with vices for which 
there was probably no foundation, and invented the moit fcandalous Ilories 
againfc him. They accufed him, among other things, of drunkennefs and 
lieentioufneis ;


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