Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
living by Wandering over all parts of Germany, and felling Lutheran 
books)? Among thofe who adminifiered largely to this circulation of 
polemic books was the poet of farces, comedies, and ballads, Hans Sachs, 
already mentioned. Hans Sachs had in one poem, publilhed in 1535, 
celebrated Luther under the title of " the VVitternberg Nightingale 1"- 
Di:  Nncktigal 
Die man jetz: lziirer iiberall ; 
and defcribed the effects of his fong over all the other animals; and he 
publiihed, alto in verfe, what he called a Monument, or Lament, on his 
rleath ("Ein Denknnal oder Klagred' ob der Leiche Doktors Martin 
Luther"). Among the numerous broadfides publilhed by Hans Sachs, 
one contains the very clever caricature of which we give a copy in our 
cut No. 152. It is entitled "Der gut Hirt und bofs Hirt," the good 
lhepherd and bad lhepherd, and has for its text the opening verfes of the 
tenth chapter of the gofpel of St. John. The good and bad fhepherds 
are, as may be fuppofed, Chritt and the pope. The church is here 
pititured as a not very [lately building; the entrance, efpecially, is a plain 
itructure of timber. Jefus faid to the Pharifees, " He that entereth not 
by the door into the iheepfold, but climbeth up fome other Way, the fame 
is a thief and a robber. Butihe that entereth in by the door is the 
thepherd of the flock." In the engraving, the pope, as the hireling 
fhepherd, fits on the roof of the iiateliett part of the building, pointing 
out to the Chriftian flock the wrong way, and blefling the climbers. 
Under him two men of worldly diftinotion are making their way into 
the church through a window; and on a roof below a friar is pointing 
to the people the way up. At another window a monk holds out his 
arms to invite people up; and one in fpeitacles, no doubt emblematical 
of the dootors of the church, is looking out from an opening over the 
entrance door to watch the proceedings of the Good Shepherd. To the 
"X" " Infinitus jam erat numerus qui victum ex Lutheranis libris quaeritantes, in 
specicm bihliopolnrum longe latequc per Germaniae provincias vagabantur."- 
EL'k-, p. 58.


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