Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of C ariczzture 
becoming fofter-motl1er, fuckling the pope-infant, is given in our cut, 
No. :50. 
 A  In another of thefe caricatures 
 '   the pope is reprefl-nted trampling on 
 ll '2  the emperor, to {how the manner in 
 '11,   which he ulhrped and tyranniled 
liar "M  1  1  A tl 
 I], XX 4,  oxer the tempora power no ier 
W  X  llluftrates " the kingdom of Satan and 
   ll ) l'  the Pope" (ragnu-In Satame ct Papze), 
" 1,: " I     
l  yr and the latter is reprelented as pre- 
   1'3   l  {idinv over hell-mouth in all his Gate. 
pie  I O O.  _tN F A 
Q ix rt   F Xx  ne, given 1n our nu 0. IJI, repre- 
ik    XX ii fents the pope under the form of an 
  ,1, l 5 X1"  b  Cl  
 {K pal    Q, 3 31:; playing on the agpipes, an IS 
if l[l'  Q X I entitled Papa. (Z0801 theologice at ma- 
gi)? A  V lgvl gjfier fdei. Four lines of German 
"  " J verfe beneath the engraving Pcate how 
 H 1 d S   
Na. I51. Tile Pope giving rlze Tune. the Pope can a one Eixpoun CnP_ 
ture and purge error, Juft as the als 
alone can pipe and touch the notes correetly." 
Der Buff kan allein nzdlegen 
Die Sclzrijl, und irtllum au.ffegen,' 
IVY: der {[21 allein pfevln 
Kan, und die norm rzclzt greifkn.-1545, 
This was the lafc year of Luther's active labours. At the commence- 
ment of the year following he died at Eiflleben, whither he had gone to 
attend the council of princes. Thefe caricatures may perhaps be con- 
fidered as fo many proclamations of fatisfaction and exultation in the final 
triumph of the great reformer. 
Books, pamphlets, and prints of this kind were multiplied to an extra- 
ordinary degree during the age of the Reformation, but the majority of 
them were in the interefl of the new movement. Luther's opponent, 
Eckius, complained of the infinite number of people who gamed their 


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