Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
Above it are infcribed the words EGO  SVM  PAPA, " I am the Pope." 
Attached to it is a page of explanation in German, in which the legend 
of that pope's death is given, a legend that his wicked life appeared fufficient 
to fanetion. It was faid that, dittrufting the fuccefs ofhis intrigues to fecure 
the papacy for himfelf, he applied himfelf to the {tudy of the black art, 
and fold himfelf to the Evil One. He then aiked the tempter if it were 
his deltiny to be pope, and received an anfwer in the affirmative. He 
next inquired how long he lhould hold the papacy, but Satan returned an 
equivocal and deceptive anfwer, for Borgia underttood that he was to be 
pope tifteen years, whereas he died at the end of eleven. It is well 
known that Pope Alexander VI. died fuddenly and unexpeftedly through 
accidentally drinking the poilbned Wine he had prepared with his own 
hand for the murder of another man. 
A11 Italian theatine wrote a poem againfl the Reformation, in which 
he made Luther the offspring of Megaera, one of the furies, who is 
reprefented as having been fent from Xx] _  
hell into Germany to be delivered of x  RX 
him. This farcalin was thrown back RE M:  ,-N 
upon the pope with much greater eifefft  v 
by the Lutheran caricaturiits. One of the     
plates in the above-mentioned volume   b gm. . 
reprefents the " birth and origin of the   .l4" 
pope" (ortus et origo papre), making     wax,  
the pope identical with Antichrift. In ff  I   
different groups, in this rather elaborate {X 5 " 
detign, the child is reprefented as at- cl, " Alf! 
tended by the three furies, Megaera a6t- N4 '50 771-4 F41"-"I  
ing as his wet-nurfe, Aleeto as nurfery-maid, and Tiflphone in another 
capacity, 8zc. The name of Martin Luther is added to this caricature 
aH0' Hie qvird gcborn der PVuIerrlu-ijl. 
Illegerafein Seugamme  ; 
A1250 fein Kc-indermeizilin. 
Tijiplmw div gmgrll 1'11--M. Luth., D. 1545. 
Megaera, a 


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