Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
in contraft with which a troop of demons, of the molt varied and {ingular 
forms, have feized upon the papal Antichrift, and are cafting him down 
into the flames of hell, where fome of his own monks wait to receive 
him. This lalt pieture is drawn with fo much fpirit, that I have copied 
it in the cut No. 14.6. 
The monltrous figures of animals which had amufed the fculptors and 
miniaturiits of an earlier period came 1n time to be looked upon as 
realities, and were not only regarded with 
I wonder as phyfical deformities, but were 
M) objects of fuperttition, for they were believed 
4" ii?) to be fent into the world as warnings of 
fjjjjgdi great revolutions and calamities. During 
 151145553 the age preceding the Reformation, the 
0"!  _A reports of the births or difcoveries of fuch 
'84  monfters were very common, and engravings 
  of them were no doubt profitable articles of 
, ,1, J .1.  1-nerchandife among the early book-hawkers, 
357322) ii Two of thefe were very celebrated in the 
 time of the Reformation, the Pope-afs and 
M17, ill; the Monk-calf, and were publilhed and re- 
'i  publifhed with an explanation under the 
IV] '7?  names of Luther and Melan6thon, which 
 1' _-L made them emblematical of the Papacy and 
 '  ii: ' of the abufes of the Romilh church, and, of 
'   courfe, prognoitications of their approaching 
N0' 147' Me Popbafh expofure and fall. It was pretended that 
the Pope-afs was found dead in the river Tiber, at Rome, in the year 
14.96. It is reprefented in our cut No. 147, taken from an engraving pre- 
ferved in a very curious volume of broadlide Lutheran caricatures, in the 
library of the Britifh Mufeum, all belonging to the year 1545, though this 
defign had been publifhed many years before. The head of an afs, We are 
told, reprefented the pope himfelf, with his falfe and carnal doctrines. 
The right hand refembled the foot of an elephant, tignifying the fpiritual 
power of the pope, which was heavy, and [lamped down and crulhed 


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