Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
to the left reprefents fome incident in the life of Chriit, While that facing 
it to the right gives a contrafting fact in the hiftory of papal" tyranny. 
Thus the firft cut on the left reprefents Jefus in His humility, refuting 
earthly dignities and power, while on the adjoining page we fee the pope, 
with his cardinals and biihops, fupported by his hofts of warriors, his 
cannon, and his fortifications, in his temporal dominion over fecular 
The Dajbmt qf the Pope. 
princes. When we open again we fee on one flde Chrift crowned with 
thorns by the infulting foldiery, and on the other the pope, enthroned in 
all his worldly glory, exazfting the worfhip of his courtiers. On another 
we have Chrifc wathing the feet of His difciples, and in contraft the pope 
compelling the emperor to kifs his toe. And lb on, through a number of 
curious illufirations, until at lalt we come to Chriifs afcention into heaven,


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