Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
humour, and a mafs of the talent of that age was ranged on his tide, both 
literary and artiltic. After the ref0rmer's marriage, the papal party 
quoted the old legend, that Antichrift was to be born of the union of 
a monk and a nun, and it was intimated that if Luther-himfelf could 
not be direetly identified with Antichrift, he had, at leaft, a fair 
chance of becoming his parent. But the reformers had refolved, on what 
appeared to be much more concluiive evidence, that Autichrift was 
only emblematical of the papacy, that under this form he had been long 
dominant on earth, and that the end of his reign was then approaching. 
A remarkable pamphlet, defigned to place this idea pictorially before the 
public, was produced from the pencil of Luther's friend, the celebrated 
painter, Lucas Cranach, and appeared in the year 1521 under the title of 
" The Pallionale of Chrili and Antichrifc" (Payional Chrwi und Anti- 
clm_'[ii). It is a fmall quarto, each page of which is nearly filled by a 
woodcut, having a few lines of explanation in German below. The cut


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