Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
Some of Murner's writings againlt Luther, moft of which are now very 
rare, are extremely violent, and they are generally illuttratecl with fatirical 
woodcuts. One of thefe books, printed 
without name of place or date, is   
entitled, " Of the great Lutheran Fool,   5 
how Doctor Murner has exorcifed him"  
(Wm dem grqjbn Luthcrijfblzen Narren,  -Q7 
wie in Doctor Murner btjfbhworcn hat).  
In the woodcuts to this book Murner 1l_,_l    
himfelf is introduced, as is ufuall the  4.  
cale in thefe fatirical engravings, tirnder  
the charaoter of a Francifcan friar,    
with the head of a cat, while Luther   
appears as a fat and jolly monk, wear-  
ing a fool's cap, and figuring in various   
ridiculous circumltances. In one of the ML kw  in, Mla J;-1.6 Hahn 
firfl woodcuts, the cat Francifcan is 
drawing a rope so tight round the great Lutheran fool's neck, that he 
compels him to dilgorge a multitude of fmaller fools. In another 
the great Lutheran fool has his purte, or pouch, full of little fools 
fufpended at his girdle. This latter figure is copied in the cut No. x44, as 
an example of the form under which the great reformer appears in thele 
latirical reprefentations. 
In a few other caricatures of this period which have been preferved, 
the apoltle of the Reformation is attacked {till more lavagely. The one 
here given (Fig. 145), taken from a contemporary engraving on wood, 
prefents a rather fantatiic figure of the demon playing on the bagpipes. 
The inttrument is formed of Luther's head, the pipe through which the 
devil blows entering his ear, and that through which the mufic is 
produced forming an elongation of the reformers nofe. It was a broad 
intimation that Luther was a mere tool of the evil one, created for the 
purpofe of bringing mifchief into the world. 
The reformers, however, were more than a match for their opponents 
in this fort of warfare. Luther himfelf was full of comic and fatiric 


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