Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
G ratefque 
to {hine forth in the writings of fome of its greatefi ornaments. Some 
refearch among the dufly, becaufe little ufed, records of national archives 
and libraries would no doubt bring to light more than one flngular cari- 
cature upon the "heretics" of the middle ages, and my attention has 
been called to one which is poflefled 
 of peculiar intereft. There is, among 
the imperial archives of France, in 
 K v fl Paris, among records relating to the 
Q ll country of the Albigeois in the thir- 
W  teenth century, a copy of the bull of 
M pope Innocent IV. giving directions 
X5 x  for the proceedings againil diifenters 
X from Romanifm, on the back of which 
4? )g 2, K the fcribe, as a mark of his contempt 
S .0  for theie arch-heretics of the fouth, 
XALR  has drawn a caricature of a woman 
Q bound to a flake over the fire which is 
a Woman for the vititim was perhaps intended to {how that the profe- 
lytifm of herefy was efpecially fuccelsful among the weaker fex, or that 
it was confidered as having {bme relation to Witchcraft. It is, by a long 
period, the earlieft known pi6torial reprefentation of the punilhment of 
burning inflieted on a heretic. 
The fhafts of fatire were early employed againfi Luther and his new 
principles, and men like Murner, already mentioned, Emfer, Cochlmus, 
and others, Iignalifed themfelves by their zeal in the papal caufe. As 
already ftated, Murner diftinguifhed himfelf as the literary ally of our 
king Henry VIII. The taite for fatirical writings had then become fo 
general, that Murner complains in one of his satires that the printers 
would print nothing but abufive or fatirical works, and negleited his more 
ferious writings. 
Dafindt die trucker fcluld damn, 
Die trucken als die Gautlzcreien, 
Und Iajkn main errffiliclrz lniclzer leillen. 


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