Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

in Literafure and Art. 7 
human tyrant in the fame manner as they are ufually treated by him. 
The latter idea became a very favourite one at a later period, but the 
other is met with not unfrequently among the works of art which have 
been faved from the wrecks of antiquity. Among the treafures of the 
Britifh Mufeurn, there is a long Egyptian pioture on papyrus, originally 
forming a roll, confilling of reprefentations of this defcription, from which 
I give three curious examples. The Hrll: (fee cut No. 4) reprefents a cat 
in charge of a drove of geefe. It will be obferved that the cat holds in 
her hand the fame fort of rod, with a hook at the end, with which the 
mm '33 
monkeys are furnifhed in the preceding picture. The feconcl (No. 5) 
J reprefents a fox carrying a baiket by means of a pole fupported on his 
fhoulder (a method of carrying burthens frequently reprefented on the 
monuments of ancient art), and playing on the well-known double Hute, 
0r pipe. The fox foon became a favourite perfonage in this clafs of 
caricatures, and we know what a prominent part he afterwards played in 
mediaeval fatire. Perhaps, however, the molt popular of all animals in 
this clals of drolleries was the monkey, which appears natural enough 


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