Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
features, though in a rather debafed form, the old fpontaneous poetry of 
the middle ages. His name was Hans Sachs, at Ieafc that was the name 
under which he was known, for his real name is faid to have been 
Loutrdorl-Fer. His fpirit was entirely that of the old wandering minfrrel, 
and it was fo powerful in him, that, having been apprenticed to the craft 
of a weaver, he was no fooner freed from his indentures, than he took to 
a vagabond life, and wandered from town to town, gaining his living by 
flnging the verfes he compofed upon every occafion which prefented itfelf. 
In 1519, he married and fettled in Nuremberg, and his compofitions 
were then given to the public through the preib. The number of thefe 
was quite extraordinary-fongs, ballads, fatires, and dramatic pieces, rude 
in Ilyle, in accordance with the tafce of the time, but full of clevernek. 
Many of them were printed on broadfldes, and illuilrated with large 
engravings on wood. Hans Sachs joined in the crufade againil the 
empire of Folly, and one of his broadfides is illuftrated with a graceful 
defign, the greater part of which is copied in our cut N0. 141. A party 
of ladies have fet a bird-trap to catch the fools of the age, who are 


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