Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
fented in our cut No. 140, Folly holds out, as an objeet of emulation, the 
fool's cap, and people of all clafles, the pope himfelf, and the emperor, 
and all the great dignitaries of this world, prefix forward eagerly to feize 
upon it. 
The fame year (I 512) witnelfed the appearance of another poetical, 
or at leait metrical, fatire by Murner, entitled " Schelmenzunft," or the 
Confraternity of Rogues, Iimilarly illuiirated with very fpirited engravings 
on Wood. It is another demonftration of the prevailing dominion of 
folly under its worit forms, and the fatire is equally general with the 
preceding. Murner's fatire appears to have been felt not only generally, 
but perfonally; and we are told that he was often threatened with a{I'a[1i- 
nation, and he raifed up a number of literary opponents, who treated him 
with no little rudenefs ; in fact, he had got on the wrong flde of politics, 
or at all events on the unpopular fide, and men who had more talents 
and greater Weight appeared as his opponents-men like Ulrich von 
Utten, and Luther hiinfelf. 
Among the fatiriits who efpoufcd the caufe to which Murner was 
oppofed, we mutt not overlook a man who reprefeuted in its ilrongeit 


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