Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
and on one occafion, we are told, a hufbandman fent his fon to fchool to 
him that he might be made a prieft. The whole Pcory, which runs through 
feveral chapters, is an excellent caricature on the way in which men 
vulgarly ignorant were intruded into the pricfthood before the Refor- 
mation. At length, after much blundering, the fcholar came to be 
ordained, and his examination is reported as follows  
4' Ha-w rlze scballer said T am Miller qf Osenqy was 7aa0b':fatber. 
" After this, the said scholler did come to the next orders, and brought a pre- 
sent to the ordinary from Scogin, but the scholler's father paid for all. Then said 
the ordinary to the scholler, I must needes oppose you, and for master Scogin's sake, 
I will oppose you in a light matter. Isaac had two sons, Esau and jacob. Who 
was ]acob's father? The scholler stood still, and could not tell. Well, said the 
ordinary, I cannot admit you to be priest untill the next orders, and then bring me 
an answer. The scholler went home with a heavy heart, bearing a letter to 
master Scogin, how his scholler could not answer to this question; Isaac had two 
sons, Esau and Jacob ; who was Jacob's father? Scogin said to his scholler, Thou 
toole and asse-head ! Dost thou not know Tom Miller of Oseney? Yes, said the 
scholler! Then, said Scogin, thou knowest he had two sonnes, Tom and jacke; 
who is ]acke's father? The scholler said, Tom Miller. Why, said Scogin, thou 
mightest have said that Isaac was ]acob's father. Then said Scogin, Thou shalt 
arise betime in the morning, and carry a letter to the ordinary, and I trust he will 
admit thee before the orders shall be given. The scholler rose up betime in the 
morning, and carried the letter to the ordinary. The ordinary said, For Master 
Scogin's sake I will oppose you no farther than I did yesterday. Isaac had two sons, 
Esau and Jacob; who was Jacob's father? Marry, said the scholler, I can tell 
you now that was Tom Miller of Oseney. Goe, loole, goe, said the ordinary, and 
let thy master send thee no more to me for orders, for it is impossible to make a 
toole :1 wise man." 
Sc0gin's fcholar was, however, made a priefc, and fome 
which follow defcribe the ludicrous manner in which he 
of the fcories 
exercifed the 
" Haw Scogin told those tlzat mocked llim that lze lzad a wall-gye. 
" Scogin went up and down in the king's hall, and his hosen hung downe, and 
his coat stood awry, and his hat stood a boonjour, so every man did mocke Scogin. 
Some said he was a proper man, and did wear his rayment cleanly; some said the 
foole could not put on his owne rayment; some said one thing, and some said 
another. At last Scogin said, Masters, you have praised me wel, but you did not 


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