Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
repulfzve form of a pig, is painted on the left iide wall of the long 
entrance-gallery to the tomb of King Ramefes V., in the valley of royal 
catacombs known as the Biban-el-Molook, at Thebes. Wilkinfon gives 
the date of the acceliion of this monarch to the throne as 1185, 13.0. 
In the original pioture, Ofiris is feated on his throne at fome diitance from 
the [tern of the boat, and is difmiiling it from his prefence by a wave 
of the hand. This tomb was open in the time of the Romans, and 
termed by them the " Tomb of Memnon  it was greatly admired, and 
is covered with laudatory infcriptions by Greek and Roman vifitors. One 
of the moft interefting is placed beneath this picture, recording the name 
of a daduchus, or torch-bearer in the Eleufinian myfteries, who vifited this 
tomb in the reign of Conitantine. 
The praEtice having been once introduced of reprefenting men under 
the character of animals, was foon developed into other applications 
of the fame idea-fuch as that of figuring animals employed in the 
various occupations of mankind, and that of reverfmg the pofition of man 
and the inferior animals, and reprefenting the latter as treating their 


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