Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
folemn meifage 1n Writing to call the men home. This had the deiired 
effect; all the Schildburgers returned to their own town, and were fo 
joyfully received by their wives that they refolved upon leaving it no 
more. They accordingly held a council, and it was decided that, having 
experienced the great inconvenience of a reputation of wifdom, they 
would avoid it in future by aflhming the character of fools. One of the 
firll evil refults of their long neglecit of home affairs was the want of a 
council-hall, and this want they now refolved to fupply Without delay. 
They accordingly went to the hills and woods, cut down the timber, 
dragged it with great labour to the town, and in due time completed the 
eretition of a handfome and fubftantial building. But, when they entered 
their new council-hall, what was their confternation to find themfelves 
in perfeet darknefs I In fact, they had forgotten to make any windows. 
Another council was held, and one who had been among the wifell in 
the days of their wifdom, gave his opinion very oracularly; the refult of 
which was that they {hould experiment on every pollible expedient for 
introducing light into the hall, and that they fhould firft try that which 
feemed molt likely to fucceed. They had obferved that the light of day 
was caufed by funlhine, and the plan propofed was to meet at mid-day 
when the fun was brighteft, and fill facks, hampers, jugs, and veffels of all 
kinds, with funthine and daylight, which they propofed afterwards to 
empty into the unfortunate council-hall. Next day, as the clock (truck 
one, you might fee a crowd of Schildburgers before the council-houfe 
door, bufily employed, fome holding the facks open, and others throwing 
the light into them with Ihovels and any other appropriate implements 
which came to hand. While they were thus labouring, a {tranger came 
into the town of Schildburg, and, hearing what they were about, told 
them they were labouring. to no purpofe, and otiered to {how them how 
to get the daylight into the hall. It is unneceffary to fay more than that 
this new plan was to make an opening in the roof, and that the Schild- 
burgers witnetfed the erfetit with allonilhment, and were loud in their 
gratitude to their new comer. 
The Schildburgers met with further difiiculties before they completed 
their council-hall. They fowed a field with falt, and when the falt-plant 


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