Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
are extremely rare, and this is an interefting example; in fa6t, it is only 
recently that our Shakfpearian critics really underfrood the meaning of the 
word. A pomander was a fmall globular veffel, perforated with holes, 
and tilled with fcrong perfumes, as it is reprefented in our woodcut. The 
fourth of thefe boats is that of foolifh tailing, fcapha gqfalionisfatzmz, 
and the ladies have their well-furnilhed table on board the boat, and are 
largely indulging in eating and drinking. In the laft of thefe boats, the 
_]Z'a;bha cozzta-Fiionisfatuae, or boat of foolilh feeling, the women have men on 
board, and are proceeding to great liberties with them; one of the gentle 
damfels, too, is picking the pocket of her male companion in a very 
unlady-like manner. 
Two ideas combined in this peculiar field of fatiric literature, that of 
the {hip and that of the fools, now became popular, and gave rife to a 11011 
of imitators. There appeared {hips of health, [hips of penitence, ihips of 
all ibrts of things, on the one hand ; and on the other, folly was a favourite 
theme of fatire from many quarters. One of the molt remarkable of the 
perfonages involved in this latter warfare, was the great fcholar Defiderius 
Erafrnus, of Rotterdam, who was born in that city in 1467. Like molt 
of thefe fatirifls, Erafmus was Pcrongly imbued with the fpirit of the 


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